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The new Beaujolais wine 2012 in France.

Le Beaujolais Nouveau en France, the New Beaujolais wine 2012.

We produce a quality New Beaujolais wine.

New Beaujolais wine will be scarce. Efforts to raise the quality of our New Beaujolais are bearing fruit.

French Consumers rediscover their " New Beaujolais " with the same pleasure that they tasted New Beaujolais wine with their family or friends.

The new Beaujolais wine is synonymous with celebration and gaiety, a young french wine that is good in the autumn when nature sleeps.

Our New Beaujolais wine has a taste of fruit and terroir without the addition of artificial flavorings.

We work our 5 hectares of vines in farming to preserve the flora and fauna of our region and also the health of the vineyard.

Our Beaujolais wine and now being prepared in a tank in the care of winemaker Franck DUVERNAY.

See you soon.
The french wine grower :
Marcel REBOLLE .
Le vin Beaujolais Nouveau en France


Tel : +33 608 517 434

We ship our New Beaujolais everywhere in France, Europe, also in China, Brasil, Russia, Hong Kong to Singapore, Thailand and India.

Saint Julien FRANCE.

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Vins du Beaujolais AOC
Le Cellier des Varennes
Marcel Rebolle
+33 6 08 51 74 34

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Le Cellier des Varennes

Producteur de Vin de France
Beaujolais AOC .
Beaujolais Nouveau .

Vin récolté et mis en bouteille
à la propriété.

Beaujolais élevé et
vinifié à l'ancienne
par Franck Duvernay
pour M. Rebolle.

Les Varennes
69640 Saint Julien

00 33 608 517 434

Mentions légales :
L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé. 
A consommer avec modération.
La vente d’alcool aux mineurs de moins de 16 ans est interdite.
L'alcool est fortement déconseillé aux femmes enceinte.

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Welcome INDIA

The taste of India enchants us as India discovers and appreciates each day a little more Beaujolais wine from France, to any partnership please contact

Hong-Kong and Beijing

Each year we are present in Hong Kong . Please contact us if you are interested in our New Beaujolais or Beaujolais Nouveau. We will be very glad to introduce them to you. contact

French Wine in Brasil

Les Vendanges

Singapore news

I had a great time in Singapore and I was very glad to meet professionnal wine importer of this area. It was a very inriching experience. I was very proud to have introduce our traditionnal french wine to this market.
The Cellier des Varennes team

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